Food For A Song

There is a phenomenon that has arisen online to not much fanfare: the drive-thru rap.  Unlike it’s cousin, the drive-thru food snag, the drive-thru rap has become an art all its own.  Enjoy with me now the fruits of so much creative labor.

Taco Bell

There are more Taco Bell drive-thru raps than there are ingredients in Taco Bell food.  So, like eight or so.  Here though is the most popular. And here are a few more



While not as numerous as Taco Bell raps, this McDonalds rap is perhaps the most popular of the lot.  Listen to the masterful wordplay, the reggaeton-style delivery and the looping, background vocal hits.  Enjoy it in three different speeds!  Don’t get this confused with McDonalds: The Rap, either. 



In my opinion, Wendy’s has the best tasting food of all the big fast food chains that dot our highways like so many zits on a chubby kid’s face.  But, does a delicious, bacon-heavy menu translate to tight rhymes?  Yes, yes it does.


Burger King

Surprisingly, there aren’t too many Burger King drive-thru raps floating around online.  This guy though aims to fill the void by declaring that “this is the Burger King rap you’ve been waiting for.”  Will it live up to all that hype?  See for yourself.


Even the famous California-only burger joint, In-N-Out has fallen victim to drive-thru rapping.  Fans/regulars of In-N-Out will catch a reference to some of what makes In-N-Out legendary in the line, “I like my fries animal style.”  Animal Style refers to the restaurant’s secret menu; an unpublished list of secret ways to vary your order. 

Perhaps I was wrong about the drive-thru rap trend not saturating our culture.  After all, things only get parodied once they’re super popular, right?


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