Weekly Music News Round-Up!

A summary and link to cutting-edge news from around the music industry by Josh

Study Shows that Most Music Downloaded is Illegal (Suprise, Surprise) - Jan 17

A study by the International Federation of the Phonographic industry found that 95 percent of online music downloads in 2008 were completed illegaly. It shouldn’t come as a huge surpirse in this day and age that most music downloaded is done so illegally, but the fact that only 5% is actually purchased is an interesting statistic.

Google Tells Music Industry to let “innovation thrive” – Jan 20

In response to Warner Music Group’s order to take down all clips from Google-owned YouTube in December, Google has responded by saything that the music industry should “allow innovation to thrive, encourage it” rather than “suffocating it.”  Google VP of content partnership Danid Eun said that “there are a lot of people who are still very defensive as opposed to offensive” when dealing with the current challenges in the industry.

Highlights from The Namm Show 09 – Jan 17

The huge music product show NAMM took place last week – check out this summary of all the new and cool gear that was announced (including Abelton Live 8, Cubase a whole bunch of software synths, and the return of the keytar)

BBC Creating Web 3.0 Music Site? -Jan 21

The BBC is currently working on a new online project that will use open source and semantic web technology to create an advanced resource for music fans. The BBC Artist pages have been running in private beta since June, and is using semantic web technology to aggregate a ton of relevant information across the web about a particular artist. A public beta is planned for some point in the near future.

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