The Music Instinct Album


On June 24th, 2009 PBS premiered The Music Instinct Science and

Song, an innovative

documentary about the power of sound and music. Indaba Music was able to offer its

community the opportunity to participate directly in this

groundbreaking program, through two consecutive contests.  These contests challenged the community to produce powerful pieces of

music from everyday sounds and also to reimagine a theme for the show.

Now’s your chance to hear what the winners came up with. The Top Five submissions for each contest were recently released as part of The Music Instinct: Science and Song album

Download the album through

PBS or emusic and check out what they came up with!


The Music Instinct Science and Song Part I:

David Minnick – Ignition

Andrew Westphal – Groovolution

Randy Colby – PBS Science & Song (RC Breaks Mix)

United Republic – Passin Windows

Royal Beatsmyth – Ambassador Lassiter’s Phantasmic Antiquarium

 The Music Instinct Science and Song Part II:

Sujan E. Bin Wadud – Instinct Tells Me

David Minnick – Small Enough

Bobak Salehi – Storm – Instrumental – Lama Mix

Dana “MiztaKlean”Essex – Miztaklean’s Music Instinct Theme

Justin Nations (Jus Bus) – Music Instinct Theme 




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