Life is a Little Busy

Coming Home

Hey Teekers, wow, I’ve been listening to your submissions and you
guys rock! All the music sounds amazing and I can’t wait to dive further into
them.  Unfortunately this week I do
not have a teek, I’ve been very busy with a really great opportunity.  In my last Teek I told you all about my
radio interview with JStylz of Blackstreet on April 17th, I will be performing
and speaking a little about my involvement with the music industry. This will
be an amazing opportunity and I am very excited about it.  I will be keeping you all up to date
with where you can find this interview. However the preparation for this has
taken up much of my time and I was unable to provide you with a Teek this week,
but never fear i will be back in the swing of things ASAP! Keep sending in your awesome tracks!

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One Response to Life is a Little Busy

  1. Mantis Evar says:

    Lets us know where to find the interview. I’d love to check that out!

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