It’s what you need.  The more you post content on your site the more people will want to check back with you.  You want people reading your blogs, checking your website for updates.  I have twitter conversations with fans I have never met in person.  It is amazing! The internet allows you to talk to fans so use these tools to build a connection. 

I have been stuck in Berlin due to the volcano madness and after seeing all the sites and walking around the city numerous times I was a bit lost for ideas.  I asked people what I should do while in Berlin and people actually tweet-introduced me to other artists, mentioned their favorite restaurants, bars, parks, etc.  They went out of their way to help me have a good time.

I was tweet-introduced to a really nice artist Madeleine Bloom, who I ended up meeting at a bar.  She is a very talented electronic artist trying to figure out how to break into the Berlin music scene.  The next day another artist saw my tweet conversation with Madeleine and tweeted at me because he checked out my music and wants to collaborate. Adam and I went to meet him and really hit it off.  He was from Italy but has been in Berlin for only a year and is looking to start a collaborative project with different female artists.  I really like what he has in mind so we decided to try to write via internet (using indaba, of course). 

So in theory if I didn’t have an awesome twitter friend to introduce me to Madeleine, I wouldn’t have been introduced to the Italian artist either, which means there would be no collaboration.  The internet allows you to be intertwined with people you don’t even know.  It breaks down barriers and brings you together… 

The best way to get your name out there is a grass roots campaign and really all that is is CONNECTING with people.  If you are having a hard time booking shows, then sign up on and do a live broadcast from your living room.  Invite friends over, promote the webcast on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc and just get your name out there.  It is easier than ever now that so many sites support independent artists, all you have to do is use the tools and you can do it all yourself.

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  1. Hello Sydney, I’m busy cleaning my living room, I have the folks from coming over. I just wanted to say that I listened to some of your music on you tube and I think you are super talented. I’m a music snob and find something wrong with just about everyone so that is a big compliment form me. I also wanted to thank you for write us here at Indaba. (As I am reading what you have been writing I keep thinking of how I would not want to have to do that more than a few times, I would run out of things to say and feel pressured) I am encouraged by your suggestion about You are right about the need to keep moving and looking for avenues. I found Indaba after watching the video for Radio Head’s weird fishes song. The video was done by Tobias Stretch and on his website he gives Indaba a plug. Many thanks again for you and your music and time.


  2. It really was nice meeting you. Connecting is not only helpful, it’s fun, too! :)

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