Indaba Holiday Album on iTunes – Get it now for only $2.99!!

We are excited to announce the digital pre-release the first ever Indaba holiday album! This two volume collection is entitled Not Your Grandfathers Holiday Album and contains modern renditions of classic holiday songs by Indaba members.

This is unlike any holiday album you have ever heard. It is done in true Indaba style- a bluegrass version of Greensleeves, an electro Jingle Bells, a stomp Auld Lang Syne, an autotuned Silent Night, and much more.

Not Your Grandfather’s Holiday Album – Vol. 1 (iTunes)

Not Your Grandfather’s Holiday Album – Vol. 2 (iTunes)

We’ve released two EP volumes of the album, one for electronic styles and one for everything else. The initial digital release of the holiday albums are up on iTunes! Currently, we are offering them for a discounted of only only $2.99 each: get and have the freshest music at your holiday party.

Support your fellow Indabans and pick up a copy! Physical versions will be available next week.

Congrats to Indaba Users: Vuk Lazar, Ben Evolence, Ben Crea, Solly Burton, Andrew Westphal, John Faustus and Chris Breidinger, Rishabh Rajan, Polymath, MattyJoe, and Hal G!

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7 Responses to Indaba Holiday Album on iTunes – Get it now for only $2.99!!

  1. roger potato says:

    links are dead?

  2. Vuk Lazar says:

    works for me, can’t wait for the CDs!

  3. Siegfried & Roy says:

    where do i buy gay robots mix farkin? not see it on the list?

  4. Chris says:

    The Gay Robots Mix is by Ben Crea which can be found on Volume 2

  5. it is ben crea, and it is a mistake. it was made by ben crea AND LpD (of syncdrifters). i think you guys should fix it somehow and change it to gay robots.

  6. Josh says:

    syncdrifters – we put in the request to change it in iTunes last week, and it’s listed as pending in the system right now. hopefully they’ll change it soon…on the physical copy, it’s correct.

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