Interview with The Reverb Junkie

Jimmy Tamborello is a busy man. He’s a man of many names, including, but not limited to: Dntel, The Postal Service, Figurine, and Golden Hits.

So, imagine if Jimmy himself sat down and picked your voice for his next potential collaboration? Yeah, we knew you’d be excited. Just how excited? Well, check out the interview we had with the winner of our Jimmy Tamborello Opportunity.

Meet The Reverb Junkie, a.k.a. MC…

Hey MC! Congratulations! Tell us about your initial reaction to hearing that Jimmy picked you as the winner?

It’s awesome to have the opportunity to collaborate with someone you respect musically. I love collaborating like this.

So, you knew Jimmy before hand? His bands?

Yes ma’am. I’m a fan! I was introduced to his sound through The Postal Service, and then was introduced to his other projects. My high school friends played ultimate frisbee and we would carpool. One day, this music came on, and I was like – what is that?! And it was The Postal Service. I would request it often on those car rides. Then some other friends who were more into techno and electronic music turned me on to his other projects – DNTEL and James Figurine.

Why did you choose “Ojai” to record vocals on?

I actually recorded on all three tracks. I think Jimmy was more into this Techno-pop style when deciding which one or who to collaborate with.

What is “Will We Meet Again” about?

The song is about getting to know someone that you are fascinated by – they will change you somehow. Then the time comes to part and you don’t know if you will see them again. It’s about being in a situation where you have no control about interacting with this special person again, so you have to let it go even though you want to ensure that you will have more time together. The song is a way of reaching out. And also showing that you’re not trying to control anything.

How long have you been recording your vocals?

I’ve been recording for about 6 years, since my senior year of high school. For this song, I downloaded the track and listened to it for a few days. I started having lyric and melodic ideas pop up so I recorded them. Then I sat down with the hooks and developed the concept, fleshed out verses and structured the sections. Next was the recording. I recorded the vocals in my room on a Mac with Logic. I sang the parts over and over until I sounded sort of autotuned, but without using any pitch correction. I used a home made pop filter… those are the best! Pantyhose over a wire hanger.

(laugh) Awesome! So, if Jimmy decides to collaborate with you on future commercial releases, what would your dream project be?

Man. I absolutely love this type of project so this is pretty much a dream project! I’d love to just lay down vocals over a groovy and emotive electronic track. I really just like working this way… through collaboration.

Thanks for the interview, cheers!

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