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I’d like to direct your attention to Indaba Love, a website that was created out of love while working on a song geared toward raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research. Bianda, an online super-group of active Indaba members, created an alternative platform for their work while our site was under construction for its relaunch this past summer. Now that Indaba Music is fully operational, Indaba Love remains out in cyberspace as a promotional tool for Bianda’s cause, and as a profession of love for Indaba.

Bianda (the letters of “Indaba,” rearranged) contains 16 talented Indaba members—artists who truly embrace and embody the Indaba Music spirit.  It’s a group that believes in the idea that music can make a difference.  They work to spread goodwill, and on a more specific level, raise money and awareness to battle Multiple Sclerosis.  They currently have ties with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (a foundation that provides support for diagnosed individuals while pursuing research for prevention treatment and cure), the Make-A-Wish Foundation (a well known organization that helps realize the wishes of children with fatal illnesses), and the Smile Train (a group that works to provide cleft lip and palate surgery for children in developing countries).  In addition, the group is backed by headphone company Skullcandy and the publication Electronic Musician.

Bianda was founded by Shyface, an Indaba member who wished to make the world a better place through his musical talent. He reached out to one hundred hand-picked fellow Indaba members, imploring them to help create music with the intention of donating every penny to charity. Shyface was soon overwhelmed by a flood of responses from artists who wanted to be involved.  “My room turned into a NY Stock Market full of action,” says Shyface.  “Messages, e-mails in different accounts, texts, and it was all coming from Indaba Music members who had made the decision to jump on board without compensation.” They got right to work on a piece as the group was whittled down to 16 core members, eventually forming the virtual band Bianda.

Bianda decided to set their sights on fighting the disease Multiple Sclerosis (or MS) after the passing of beloved Indaba member Annie Thorogood.  It seemed particularly appropriate, as band-mate “Momma” Magdalena Obert also struggles with the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis afflicts between 2 and 150 people per 100,000.  It affects the body’s ability to send information (via the nervous system) from the brain to the spinal chord, and can be extremely disabling.  There is no known cure, nor do scientists have a firm grasp on how a person can contract the disease.

Bianda’s song “Indaba Love” is an eight minute epic.  The tune seamlessly sweeps between feels, jumping back and forth between hip hop and rock, with some world music flavors, showcasing the talents of its amazing contributors.  They plan to release it in a campaign with a video and a launch party, with all the funds going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  “Indaba Love” was released in December, and they have more projects that will benefit other organizations currently in the works.

Peace, Family and Love are common ideals spread throughout the pages and profiles of Indaba Music. Time and again, our members prove that while they are motivated to succeed and make great records, many also harbor deep-seated desires to spread peace and goodwill outside the website’s borders, while supporting the Indaba family.  Bianda and their Indaba Love movement is one of the many examples of artists from across the globe coming together in the Indaba community to share, make friends, and work towards change for the better through music.

Check out all of the users that make up BIANDA:

Dale Crowley
Mike Stone
Magdalena Obert
Solid State
Robyn & VJ Phiri
Stephen May
John Faustus
Ben Evolence
Akara Etteh
DJ Shyine

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