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It isn’t often that we see 7:37 minute long remixes on Indaba Music, especially those that take the 1st place position in our Remix Opportunities. With unique synth lines and a thoughtful, suspenseful build, Ben Brown put his 7 years experience Djing in Chicago to good use!

Check out what this Pro had to say in our Winner’s Interview!

Congratulations on the big win! How does feel?

Thanks, feels good. I’m really honored that the band picked my mix out of all the others, there were some really good ones in there.

What was the most challenging part of remixing “Gold Guns Girls”?

Well, the most challenging part was to write the track to compliment Emily’s voice.. I just wanted to do her voice justice :)

I completely understand, she has such a great sound! Was it Metric who brought you to Indaba Music?

I had heard of Metric previosly, most notably their track “Dead Disco.” I’ve seen Indaba a number of times previously over the past few years, but hadn’t really joined up until mid 2010. A friend who was a fan of Metric told me about the competition and I checked it out. Seemed like a fun opportunity so I jumped on it!

Where did you do most of the remixing?

I did the remix in my home studio in Chicago. To produce it, I used a combination of Ableton Live & Logic on my Mac Pro.

Did you use the the advanced pack of stems?

Yes, I definitely went with the advanced pack. I wanted to make sure I had the most tools to use for this remix. Plus, I’m kind of a sample collector, so my mouth waters for new samples/stems!

Why a nearly 8 minute track?

Well I come from the DJ/Club world where it’s common to have longer tracks that allow for extended DJ mixing. So, I wanted a track that has all the requisite elements to make it DJ-friendly. Just the DJ/club-friendly intro and outro account for an extra 3 minutes or so onto a club track.

Well, here’s what Metric had to say about it:

We loved the slow build and the original synth lines of this 8 minute remix, the extended sections are well crafted and suspenseful. Great job!” – Emily

Thanks for the interview, Ben!

Thank you!!

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