Winner’s Interview with Ben Crea

Australian musician Ben Crea (also known as Bungalow Bill), is arguably one of the most active and outspoken Indaba members who creates music on the site. With tons of Grand-Prizes, Honorable Mentions, and collaborations under his belt, Ben is an Indaba Member that we’re happy to talk about!

Before he gets busy on another submission in our Opportunities Marketplace, we caught up with him for a quick interview…

Love this! Makes us think of some of our favorite music from Daft Punk and DIOYY. Nice before + after moment at 3:15, top marks for freshness!” – Metric

Hey Ben! So, you’ve just won your third Grand-Prize on Indaba Music, not to mention, those awesome comments from Metric!

Hey Alex! Thanks, they they were great comments. I was revisiting my song “Gin and Money,” a similar sort of track. I think during the period I made it, I was doing some really nice synth design. Sometimes I like to dig up some of those patches because they work well.

Definitely! I see you have some great in-song-commenting going on in your remix. What are your thoughts on all of the positive feedback?

Well, it’s interesting to ask this. We all make music for some reason and I rarely think about the extra rewards like the praise or prizes or earnings as that reason. Making music is already a good feeling.

You had 10 different Metric tracks to choose from… why Satellite Mind?

I chose this Metric track to remix because of Emily’s lyrics. I was sold, remix time!

Since you’re an expert in Indaba Music Opportunities (3 wins, 4 Runners-Up, 2 Honorable Mentions), can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

Well, the first part of the process is to resist doing the contest altogether. I focus on doing my own tracks. I just mess with my head around the vocal track and I don’t often listen to the original at all. So, if that vocal talks to me straight away, I’ll remix it. It’s not a blank canvass like making my own music since the parameters are kind of already set… Unless you want to completely twist it up.

That makes sense, and you have a great ear for taking these songs to the top! You know our EVP of Artists & Community and Co-Founder, Mantis Evar, loves you for all of the awesome music you’ve created here.

Aww, thanks Mantis! It’s been great to work with the team at Indaba, very family-like feel to it. I think we have all grown together and it’s been good. So much has happened and changed since the earlier days.

So since your earliest days with us, what have the best moments been?

God knows, so much insane stuff has gone down. I’ve had so many laughs to be honest and these contest wins were just off the scale. I practically vomited on my computer when I saw the NASA results… that was a fine moment of shock. I really didn’t think I had much luck in that contest and when I saw my avatar on the page, I thought I’d gone mad. I have way too many good memory’s here to got through them all

It seems you’ve been very surprised by your successes here so I let me just say, we think you’re great! We know you’re going to shock us with plenty more in the future.

Oh, there’s always going to be surprises. Might not be for a little while though as I’ve resurrected my old label “cosmetic records” and am currently working on some disco house stuff for my old group DJEEP.

Well, we can’t wait! Thanks for the chat, Ben!

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