Winner’s Interview with TrashTalk

Not even one year into his account with Indaba Music, Trash Talk is getting some serious attention from the community after winning our “Gimme Sympathy” Metric Opportunity.

He’s been called “off the chain” and “fantastic” by our users and you can meet the man himself in our Winner’s Interview below!

Wondering what Metric had to say about it?

“Won us over with the beat migration and the bold ending!” - Metric

Congratulations on winning, TrashTalk! You were bold and took some serious risks.

It’s quite an honor really. The competition was fierce. To tell the truth, I almost scrapped the track near the end of submissions to post a more upbeat one I began to work on.

Out of all of the Metric contests, what made you choose “Gimme Sympathy?”

I was drawn to the vocal melody, I thought it was strong and really stood on it’s own. As much as I love some of the other tracks, a lot of the favorites have already been over done to death before the contest even started.

Did you use the widgets or advanced pack of stems ?

Actually, neither! Being that I laid an new bed of music down, just about all I needed was the basic vocal tracks. I’m always on the lookout for new stems in the hopes I’ll be inspired, so I keep my eyes out for remix contests. I’ve known about Indaba Music for awhile, but this is my first submission. As far as the widget you guys offer, I’m really bad about self promotion. Fortunately, I have a great group of friends and supporters to help push me through :)

Well we’re glad you finally participated! Have you met any other musicians since you’ve joined?

I’ve spoken with quite a few in the hopes to collaborate, but I’ve been pretty busy. Funny though, I actually know one of the other winners, James Martin Nelson… although I know him as Death To The Throne. We are both in Phoenix and I had him spin at an event I threw awhile back. Since then, I think we have spun a couple times together.

The music world is a small world. Congratulations again!! Any last comments?

Thank you! Final thoughts: I think it’s great that Metric found the time. I know they had so many tracks to listen to on top of an already busy schedule. As far as their comments, I am especially glad they enjoyed the beat as it was also my favorite part of to piece together. And Nicki, if you’re listening… this one’s for you! … She’ll know what it means.

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2 Responses to Winner’s Interview with TrashTalk

  1. Anthony N says:

    I know him! I can’t wait to mooch off of his success! :)

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