finished four songs!

i have been a bit absent with this blogging process the last few months because my recording world was sort of flipped up side down a few months and i wanted it to settle before i posted again. i was working with a great producer and after much hard work and time, from both of us, i decided that parting ways was the best thing for me. this being said it meant that the work from the last year was no longer usable and that i had to start over. it was initially upsetting, but in the end i realized that it enabled me the possibility to create anything and everything i wanted. so there it is, a quick summary of where i have been to bring you all up to speed with where i currently am. 

i have spent the last 7 or so days recording in my friend’s studio here in brooklyn where we have completed 4 songs so far. some new and some old. this studio is a perfect space for me. it is comfortable and inspiring and i really feel like i can take my time and make something i am proud of. since this record has taken a lot of time already i could easily feel rushed, but instead i feel the opposite. i have surrounded myself with friends and talented musicians to make the rest of this process fun and exciting. there is no pressure and after a year of putting pressure on myself it feels great!

i have another two/three weeks booked later this month and next month so i am hopeful that the recording of “bell choir coast” will be finished by the end of april. after that mixing and mastering will take place and i will put a few songs on my indaba page to allow collaborations with fans and artists.

i will post songs soon so stay close!

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2 Responses to finished four songs!

  1. Lab Results says:

    Just wanted you to know that I just started reading your blog and that I am looking forward to collab opportunities, if there is anything I could bring to the table that is. Having read your latest post I’m glad things turned out in the end and looking forward to hearing [more from] you.

    Although I have had my fair share of music collaborations in real life, I’m not a professional as you are. Still, I hope there would be some way I could support you. I know from experience that creating music with others can be a pain, especially when one hasn’t known each-other for a while – things tend to get out of hand when people have different objectives or criteria for judging music and one hasn’t defined a communal goal. Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning from you!

  2. lee m. says:

    hello my name is lee,i am new to idabamusic i write lyric i am trying to figure out how to get started

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