Indaba Welcomes Queen Latifah and J.J. Rosen

With great joy and excitement, we would like to welcome both Queen Latifah as a new board member and J.J. Rosen as Indaba’s new CEO.  As we continue into 2011, the vision of these individuals will manifest itself throughout, our team, and your experience using Indaba’s tools and resources.

Queen Latifah (neé Dana Owens) has joined Indaba’s Board of Directors as co-chairwoman (along with Martha Crowninshield, general partner emerita of equity firm Boston Ventures) and as a significant investor. As a successful musician, actress, and businesswoman, Latifah is uniquely qualified to lead Indaba going ahead. Further, she shares and believes in the Indaba philosophy.

“Twenty years ago, as an up-and-coming musician, I had to struggle for opportunities,” recalls Latifah. “What Indaba Music is doing today, is putting the tools for artistic creation and success right in the hands of the people. It’s really exciting to see how Indaba Music empowers people to both create and then reap the rewards from their art.”

J.J. Rosen, former EVP of Sony Music Entertainment’s Commercial Music Group, has joined Indaba as CEO, replacing Matt Siegel and Dan Zaccagnino who will be filling the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, respectively.

“I first became aware of Indaba Music while evaluating digital music opportunities at Sony. Indaba is best known by major labels and artists as the leader in aligning its huge base of talented musicians with superstars to facilitate new collaborations and recordings,” said Rosen.“But as I learned more about Indaba’s broader vision, I became increasingly excited about therole the company is poised to play in reshaping the music industry.”

We welcome these two distinguished individuals to our company, and are excited to get to work with them. Indaba will benefit greatly from their considerable knowledge and experience as we continue to bring you the highest quality musical experience possible.

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12 Responses to Indaba Welcomes Queen Latifah and J.J. Rosen

  1. Wild. Congrats fellas. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

  2. Phil Moffa says:

    More big things for Indaba. It never seems to stop growing. Congrats and welcome to J.J and Queen Latifah.

  3. charlie sheen says:

    you are “BI WINNING” !!!!!

  4. Magdalena Obert says:

    I hate to gush, but I’m such a fan of Queen Latifah. I feel like a kid. Would someone please give her a hug from me? LOL.

  5. omg im a big fan of Queen Latifah too.. ♥

  6. To Ms. Queen Latifah and Mr. J J Rosen I would like to say welcome to Indaba!! This is a great site, providing opportunities for musicians worldwide and I am glad to be a part! Queen if you happen to read this, this is “Black Butterfly”-Prestige Awards 2002. I’ve been trying to reach out and contact you but Derek Wilson never gets my messages to you and Flava Unit Entertainment never forwards my messages to you either. Nevertheless, Be Blessed and Welcome!

  7. As it is said in the minds of beginners, how can I make it in the music world and get signed or just get noticed there has to be a beginning somewhere. My comment is finally with The Queen in the mix the wanna bees will have a chance to shine their true talent! Why to go Indaba nice catch!! We be Miami Beach!!

  8. Lawrence Harper says:

    It is refreshing to see someone on the Indaba board who has actually been through the fire. Queen Latifa has a unique perspective on the music business because of where she came from and what she had to go through to make it in the game. Someone like her is long over due at Indaba. As an African American and pro member, I find very little music that I can relate to on Indaba when it comes to the contest. It’s like a rock channel. I think the Queen will bring much needed diversity.

  9. Kevin Butler says:

    A brilliant musician, a brilliant buisnesswoman, a beautiful lady with a great personality…Indaba couldn’t ask for any better! Much more than welcome Queen Latifah!

  10. jenelle says:

    Congrats Ms. Queen Latifah. You are doing big things as always. That song on your album “The Light,” is my inspiration. I even have a hand sign for it. You’ve been my inspiration since I grew up in Irvington, New Jersey and remember that video you did at the High School by the library. I’m so happy for you. U are in my prayers. Stay blessed. Lance is truly happy.



  12. L.Wingo says:

    Welcome and Congrats to Queen Latifah & J.J. Rosen. It is a pleasure to be in the mist of such talent and success.

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