The Great Era of Sharing

Peering out of the front window in his robe, orange juice wrapped in a clammy hand, he waited anxiously for the mailman. A new song idea lay beating like a heart somewhere in that mailman’s bag. Jimmy Tamborello was waiting for audio files.

Long before Jimmy ran his collaboration contest in our Opportunity Marketplace, he was sharing files the old fashion way. Utilizing UPS, Jimmy mailed his music on DAT tape to and from fellow collaborator, Ben Gibbard. The two were unable to be in the same place at the same time and and slowly built songs under the name Postal Service. The co production resulted in their ground rattling debut album, Give Up. Postal Service is just one example of how important sharing audio files is to the creation and production of music.

As networks continue to globalize music, the means of sharing audio across countries and across the world is becoming common-place. For example, here at Indaba Music, we have combined the increased accessibility of recorded music, cloud storage, and the social web, transcending the once tedious process of file sharing. With the past obstacles of file-sharing left assuredly in the past, artists are now able to focus wholly on the creative process—collaborative possibilities are endless. Simply upload a file to Inbaba, invite people to download it, and you’re on your way.

Everyday we’re amazed at what our Indaba Music community is creating using online collaboration. Browse through hundreds of sessions here or check out our latest featured session below:

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