Hello Indaba

Hi Indaba,

This is a big week for me as it’s the launch of my new A.I.R. here on Indaba AND my Album ‎‘Runaway Jones’ dropped worldwide yesterday, April 26th. Technology has changed the various ways we as artists, songwriters, producers and engineers create record music. It has never before been easier to connect to the music masses at the touch of a button. So, here I am connecting with you. 

I’ll be posting more on how technology has personally enabled me to create my music and career early next week. For now, check out the new album here and feel free to get my A.I.R. updates via my facebook and twitter.


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3 Responses to Hello Indaba

  1. Mantis Evar says:

    It’s nice to have you with us here at Indaba Music. I am looking forward to your future blogs. And, congratulations on the release of Runaway Jones!

  2. Hi Miles, good luck with the launch. Please check out my profile, we should chat.

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