Radical Academy Records’ DEBUT RELEASE Wake the Dead: featuring Indaba Members

Conceptualized on Indaba’s platform, UK native Ben Dabson aka Radical Academy and Canadian singer Vuk Lazar collaborated on an electro-pop remix EP, Wake the Dead. Through Indaba Music, Radical Academy Records’ debut release Wake the Dead dropped on iTunes April, 19th. Radical Academy commented on the collaborative origin; “I put an instrumental idea on an Indaba session and put a shout out for any singers to lay something down on it, Vuk said he was up for it and we got going from there. It seems we ended up with a massively different track than I had originally envisioned. That’s what’s great about collaborating through Indaba, it’s really easy to communicate ideas.”

The initial track, Wake the Dead, showcases the killer synth progressions, swelling beats, and haunting vocal melodies that create its ambient mood. Radical Academy’s production perfectly compliments Vuk’s vocal melody; while his delays and smart overdubs create a spatially unique timbre. It’s not uncommon for the voice to quickly wobble left to right, or for sounds to bounce from one corner of the panning to another.

As if the ambient- dance design title- mix wasn’t enough, there are four additional remixes included in the release. Radical Academy elaborates, “After we had the original song we set up a session and invited some Indaba producers that we had worked with and liked their style, to remix the track. This was great it meant we could give input and feedback on the remixes as they were being created.” Producers from around the world created their own versions of “Wake the Dead”. Producers; Rauschhaus (Germany), No Good?! (United Kingdom), Rambla (United Kingdom) and Johnfaustus (France) each produced remixes, spanning styles from heavy electro house to laid-back drum and bass.

Wake the Dead also includes a bonus track featuring Radical Academy’s brother, guitarist Dafydd Dabson, who takes the song in a more (over)driven direction. It’s utterly enthralling to hear how each individual mix varies. Every producer and artist on Wake The Dead re-imagines the song in a strikingly different way. It’s incredible to hear such cogent collaboration—diverse artists and producers binding around one composition.

“I feel Wake the Dead really showcases the quality of artists that use Indaba, and what can be created here. It’s great doing these collaborations through Indaba’s site as you can work with people all across the world and learn so much.  The best way to learn is by doing and through a community of artists that really have loads of different approaches to music.”- Radical Academy

In true Indaba spirit, Radical Academy has opened a new public “Wake the Dead” session that includes the original stems and welcomes new remixers. As a further incentive, Radical Academy is offering a 50% remixer royalty for any tracks chosen for release.


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