Winner’s Interview with Kitchen Party

Kitchen Party is a Canadian producer, specializing in re-interpretations and remixes of individual songs for artists and record labels. In his remixes, Kitchen Party tries to re-imagine the originals using a blend of rock and electro drum samples, melodic synth hooks, and original instrumentation, creating new incarnations that are often suited for the dance floor without following the popular dance music archetype.

We’re sending a big “congratulations!” to Kitchen Party for their win in the Shad and Dallas Opportunity and we thank them for taking the time for this interview. Check out all of the winning remixes below!

How does it feel to be amongst four great remixes. Was there a sense of community in this remix contest?

This song was my first entry into a remix contest so I was quite surprised to find out my song had been selected as a winner. I really just tried to make a song I enjoyed, so the fact that anyone else liked it is a huge honor. I’d listened to a lot of other remixes so I knew the competition was steep. I left comments sporadically when checking out the other remixes and some of the users left comments on mine, which was nice, considering I am new to Indaba.

How was it working with Shad and Dallas?

It was exciting working on by Shad and Dallas Green – I am a fan of both artists and being from Canada, I’ve been lucky enough to see both of them them perform live. The original song has a slow groove and is in a minor key, but I interpreted the lyrics to be positive and chose to go double time using major progression to reflect a hopeful tone.

How is Indaba doing at hosting these remix contests?

I think Indaba is doing a great job. It appears to be an incredible site! I look forward to contributing more in the future.

Have you thought about collaborating with the other winners?

I haven’t considered collaboration yet, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I am still fairly new to the community and I’m feeling my way around for the time being.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I look forward to contributing more in the future! Thanks for the opportunity, Indaba!

Kitchen Party (Chris Graham)

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