How To Be A True Indaba Champion

Not everybody can be a winner, but everybody can be a true champion” – Rick and Katie

Want to know how? 

Know your stuff before entering:

• ALL grand prize winners are chosen by judges! Seriously, that’s why we have judges!

• Read the FAQs and Terms very carefully. This is where you can view all of the rules and regulations. You’ll also get a clear understanding of how awards and titles are distributed as they may differ between contests and clients (i.e. some awards are determined by judges, some are determined by votes, some are determined by voting and judging etc.)

Figure out what you want:

Each contest is different so figure out where you need to spend your time.

• If you want a prize that is determined by judges, put more time into your mix.

• If you want to win something that is determined by votes, like an Honorable Mention, go work your social networking skills!

IMPORTANT: We try to stick with our three tier winners system of Grand Prize Winners, Runners-Up and Honorable Mentions.

Grand Prize Winner – ALWAYS determined by Judges.

Runners-Up –  ALWAYS determined by Judges. There are certain instances where it has been requested by the clients, for legal purposes, that Runners-Up be chosen by judges from the top 20 that are determined by voting. This combines both voting and judging.

Honorable Mentions – This is determined by voting.

Judges’ Picks – This is an undefined category which we’ve included in certain contests upon request from our clients. They love your submissions so much that they want to feature more of you!

Understand the Voting Period and know how to use it:




When the voting period begins, this gives you the opportunity to promote your work! Sometimes, voting is nothing more than a fun way to share your hard work but other times, it can help you get into the Honorable Mentions category.

Note that even if you have a million votes, you may not win or if you have no votes, you still could win!

How to express yourself (the Indaba friendly way):

When somebody wins and it isn’t what you had expected, please know that every contest is different and every set of judges has their own idea of what a winning track is.

Even if you don’t agree with the winners, there is always a better way to express yourself without dirtying up the wall!

Try this!




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