Introducing Indaba Music’s Licensing Catalog

We’re looking to hand-pick the best music from the Indaba community to help our members make money from commercial placements. Wonder how it works?

The story…

Over the last few years we’ve noticed one consistent fact: Indaba members make amazing music. Building on the success of our recent Artist Series, our new licensing service puts your music in front of music supervisors, record labels, publishers and more.

How it works:

• Submit high-quality recordings in our Licensing Opportunity. Add songs in any genre as long as you own or to which you control all the rights.

• We will then review all submissions and hand-pick recordings to be included in the Indaba Music’s Licensing Catalog.


Get Heard by Industry Professionals. When your song is chosen, we will shop your music to partners like music supervisors, publishers, record labels, and the biggest digital licensing businesses.

Make Money from Song Placements. We’re in this together—you make music and we’ll bring you opportunities. All income generated is split 50/50 between you and Indaba Music.

Feedback from Musicians. Collect feedback from other Indaba members and Indaba staff. We promise to listen to every song you submit.


  • Keep 100% of your rights (composition and masters). It’s that simple.
  • Non-Exclusive. We want you to have complete flexibility and the ability to opt-out of the service.

Want to learn more about the requirements? Head on over to our Licensing Opportunity.

We’re excited to help you make more money from your music!


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