Grooveshark Showcases 6 Indaba Members

Meet the 6 new Indaba Artists to breakthrough on Grooveshark:

ChokoDiscoManiac shares summer beats with disco melodies and funky rhythms. They’re taking over our Opportunity Marketplace and we’re psyched to feature them through our partnership with Grooveshark.
Kitten Berry Crunch is an 80′s-loving synth-happy project between Shaun Hettinger and his cat, Nico. They moved to Brooklyn, recorded at DFA Records, played at SXSW 2011, & are preparing to release their album!
Derek VanScooten -
SUNTALK is a band that formed in early 2010 through Indaba Music between Raanan Adler (guitarist/producer) and Jacoby Jennings (vocalist/songwriter). Using Indaba Music, they began exchanging ideas. Raanan would send instrumental demos, while Jacoby would write the lyrics .

Foxkit may be new to Indaba Music but they’re bringing some serious heat to this summery electronic playlist. We can’t wait to see what happens next for this L.A. band!

Derek VanScooten is a Brooklyn, NY based Guitarist, Producer and DJ. Armed with a customized 6 string, a lightbrite midi controller, and a stealthy black laptop. D.V.S combines deep analog beats with vintage soul melodies and modern guitar textures. The result is a natural, yet vibrant energy rarely attained in the realm of electronic music

Twelve years into his versatile music career, Bosley still has the same zest and enthusiasm for his work as he did in the beginning. “Whether it’s producing and writing with other artists or cultivating my own brand of newfound artistry, I’m ready for the world.” Bosley is currently collaborating with Platinum-selling songwriters and producers on projects for 2011.

Their song “From Earth” has been featured on Mtv’s Real World, Keeping up with the Kardashians and other shows they can’t stand… I mean, love!

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