Indaba Members Form Band and Gain Exposure

While searching for the next batch of Indaba members to feature on this week’s Grooveshark Breakthrough Radio, we stumbled upon Suntalk. Not only is this band good, but they met and created music using Indaba. Want to learn how they did it?

Raanan Adler, Suntalk’s guitarist and producer, is originally from Isreal and found Jacoby Jennings while exploring the site. Jacoby, who lives in Austin, seemed like the perfect match with his vocal and songwriting abilities.

The two musicians found that they shared similar influences and a similar vision of what they wanted to sound like. Shortly after, Raanan began sending instrumental demos through the Indaba session, while Jacoby wrote lyrics.

We here at the Indaba Music offices are thrilled that Indaba’s community and technology enabled these guys to meet, form a band, and create amazing music together. Check out a few of their songs below or head on over to the Grooveshark radio!

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