Over 30 Indaba Members Collaborate on the Upanishad Project

Dale Crowley started the Upanishad Project in early 2010 with an Indaba group. The goal was to produce an album based on the 12 principal Upanishads – ancient philisophical texts that show how deeply we are all connected to one another and to the universe. There couldn’t have been a better place for such a project than the global community on Indaba. Over 30 Indaba members were involved in the creation of 13 awesome songs!

“It was a pleasure and an honor to work with more than thirty Indaba musicians to produce thirteen songs inspired by the Upanishads.  It took just over a year to complete, and it would not have been possible without the incredible Indaba community.  Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to deliver brilliant performances, beautiful poetry and lyrics, and overcame many personal struggles during the completion of this project.” Dale Crowley

Listen Here | Learn More Here

Watch the video for the seventh song in the project “Mundaka Upanishad” below:

The Upanishad Project is dedicated to the memory of Cynthia Pollock, beloved wife of Addison Pollock, who contributed many of the refined and beautiful lyrics to the songs.

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18 Responses to Over 30 Indaba Members Collaborate on the Upanishad Project

  1. Dale says:

    Iris, Rick Louie and Indaba – thanks so much for your support during this project, we could not have done it without you. I wanted to take this opportunity to list all of the wonderful musicians and poets who helped make this vision a reality. They are listed in no particular order.

    Shweta and Viny Kamath, Daniele Silvestri, Stephen May, RJ Mani, Addison Pollock, Rebecca A., Robert Burns, Cherie, Paolo Tozzi, Halo Effect, Roque Lazarus, Scott Baroniecki, Cliff Stanton, Twiximilia, Pinky, Ruby Dorsman, Jussi Salminen, Rick Louie, Larry Drake, Magdalena 0bert, Mark Lane, Kostas Trikalis, Chris Nurse, Marcus Bierbaum, Lawson Madlener, Jeffrey F., Peter Jadinge, Suchitra Lata, Gabriel Aulaga, Quentin Allerik, and Nathan V.


    Dale Crowley

  2. Dale says:

    I was afraid I might do this. There is at least one person I forgot to mention in the last post, and I apologize for my oversight….Rakish Adhin did a wonderful remix of Upanishad 12, which you can hear on the site. If I have left anyone else off, please let me know.

    The website is: http://www.tinyurl.com/upanishadproject

  3. Addison says:

    Thanks Dale,
    I consider my work on the project to be my most important so far. It will be very interesting to follow the community response in the next few years.

    It was an awesome idea with an talented cast doing great work!

    Unity is Peace.


  4. Marcus B says:

    What a great project! So much fun! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  5. Scott Baroniecki says:

    Thank you Dale for the exciting chance to help write some amazing material. I am very humbled by the spiritual cadence from the indaba community. Great job everyone!

  6. This was a great project & I thank Dale & Indaba Music allot for being able to work with so many talented people & collaborate on a project that was spiritual, peaceful, & a beautiful work of musical art. I’m looking forward to the next & thanks again!
    Quentin Allerik(DJ KASUALMADNESS)

  7. CherieO says:

    I had a wonderful experience collaborating with Dale on the Upanishad 2 track. Dale is such a professional and the group was so full of talent and creativity. It was soooo much fun and SmileTrain is such a great cause. I look forward to the next, cool project. Anytime when you are ready, Dale!

    best regards,
    Cherie ♥ Ooo♫~♪oh! ☺

  8. Rj says:

    Dale thank you very much for this great opportunity and to be a part of this wonderful project. wishing u all the best and feel free to buss me for any future project and opportunities. Thank you again,

  9. Dale, what a wonderful surprise that Indaba has featured our Album.
    Your hard work has been rewarded and many more rewards are to come.
    I know … this album will be a one-of-its kind and the sounds of which will bring about changes in the human DNA for the better.
    Thank you Indaba

  10. Halo Effect says:

    It was an honor to be part of this project, with so many talented individuals aligned for human betterment. It was my introduction to Indaba Music, and I would say even to myself, through the conversations I had with Death toward the end of 2009, and in follow-up Q&A sessions with other teachers in 2010. I wish I could have done more; I still have much to learn. However, we all have our limits to grow through.

    Although my involvement in the Indaba community has been light in the past 12 months, I am eager to continue what was begun, and to plant new seeds through future collaborations as well.

    Extending an open invitation to connect with Upanishad Project alumni on any social network (including here of course, without attachment).

    Halo E.

  11. Hi Dale my friend,
    it’s an honor playing music with you and with all our Indaba’s friends, and great musicians!

    Believe me, when I say that Indaba’s is a great place to find some of the greatest musicians I have encountered in my life…

  12. Dale says:

    Thanks for all of your wonderful comments. My heart is blessed by the beauty of your thoughts and words, and the world is a better place to have each of you in it.

    Daniele SIlvestri just submitted a remix of Upanishad 11, which you can now hear from the website, or directly from soundcloud here (it is Track 3:)

    Upanishad Project – Songs 1-12 including remixes by Gryphondale

  13. Dale says:

    Daniele has made another excellent remix, this time of Upanishad 12 – be sure to check it out when you get a chance either on the website or directly from the link above.

  14. Ruby says:

    Dale, you are a very inspiring person.
    I enjoyed blowing the horn on track 13.

    Greetz, Ruby

  15. Ruby says:

    I meant track 7 of course

  16. Lawson says:

    Congratulations on being featured, Dale! Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to work with you. Please keep me in mind for future projects, as I would love to help out.

  17. Lawson says:

    Not exactly sure how that image came up….

  18. Thank you for considering me as a singer in your dream Upanishad project Dale. I did a spoken work video in the dead of night. Its of average quality and needs to cut down the brightness a bit but I could not do it again in a prepared manner and I hope the impromptu version will do just to preserve the memomery and moment. Blessings and warm regards,


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