Interview: Alicia Keys Winner, Render the Galaxy

Above: Render the Galaxy‘s new autographed jacket from Alicia Keys

Q: In honor of the 10 year re-release of Songs in A Minor, you were chosen by Alicia Keys as the winner of our 3 song remix contest. I’m always curious how our members react to this kind of news…

A: It was amazing!  I was actually checking my messages on Indaba, and saw the “congratulations” mail.  Reminds me of the line in Casablanca:  ”Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Well, you might not be meeting her in a gin joint but you’re defintiely going to get a VIP meet and greet. What will you ask her?

That would be nice.  I haven’t received info yet, its still early in the game.  I would like to hang out for a bit and see what its like to be in that world.

Us too! What has it been like to live in the world of

The best moments on this site, for me, have been the ones where I learn more about where I stand as an ‘artist’.  Learning more about other people I have met over time, and listening to the progress of all our work.

Do you have advice for other musicians trying to Indaba as a way to forward their career goals?

I won the Alicia Keys contest pretty much around the same time I won the Nenna Yvonne contest.   It happens quick, and I definitely am juggling with moral and financial extremities.  There are many decisions you have to make as an individual, aside from the advice that anyone else can give you, especially in the ‘art’ world.  I look at success as I am chasing it!  There is no in-between..

I think about ‘losing’ more than I do about winning.  What I mean by that is that I am too afraid to post something that I don’t think is done.  I can sit with a mix up for 2 weeks and if im not satisfied with the ‘originality’ of it.. I dwell on it.  Its about as many details that you would like to hear in your mix and making them happen.  There is a point where you get when writing when you surprise yourself with your own creation, i’m always looking to get to that place.  When you really are exited about working on the little things.

Can you tell us a bit about how you went about remixing the track?

I figured if I focused on the theme of the song and expanded on it, it would set me apart.  More so than that, pulling it off so it doesn’t sound like i’m ‘Trying to be different.’   I have to make sure I don’t worry too much about all the chopping and experimenting…  If all else fails, I can start over again, or from a new point in the mix.

Any last thoughts?

From my experience, I have been let down in a lot of ways.  Dealing with aspects of making a career out of music is the biggest climb so far.   Whether its just getting your name out there, making money from an E.P. or winning a remix contest.   I have heard that you have to be ‘humble to survive in this industry’… It depends on the situation.   All in all, gotta keep it up, get the hang of it, and eventually.. You get the idea.

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3 Responses to Interview: Alicia Keys Winner, Render the Galaxy

  1. Andrew says:

    this is SWEET!!!!!

  2. Tom says:

    U did it ! Congrats !

  3. A work mate recommended me to your resource. Thank you for the details.

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