The Maniac Agenda Talk About Questlove and Major Label Releases

Hi guys, thanks for talking with us today! You’ve been a member of our site for 3 years and during that time you’ve earned yourself 4 different badges including 3 Grand Prize Wins! How did you first stumble upon the site? – Once returning from Planet Hoth, after an epic battle along side Chuck Norris and Megaman, we caught wind from our headquarters that The Roots were having a remix contest on this innovative new site called Indaba. Being required to be on the cutting egde of technology, we felt this was a great way to connect with artists, fans, and the music community.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience in the Roots Opportunities? -  The Roots remix contest was a defining moment in our development…

and probably one of the most difficult experiences in our music career to date. Literally ten days with next to no sleep,  an eviction notice, our laptop stolen at gun point, police visit for noise pollution, computer interface blowing up during mixing,but we still had to bring it to super sayian level 2 on this track. This was enough to transform us into maniacs and prepare us for meeting deadline =s against all odds! Now we embrace and feed off of chaos as part of our creative process as you will hear in our new EP “Through Fire And Flood.”

What was it like to work with ?uestlove in the studio? – It was like taking the red pill and jumping into the matrix with Morpheus. Amhir showed us the beauty in leaving “mistakes” in songs. There is beauty in imperfections that gives music a soul and feel more alive. We produced Vh1′s Hip Hop Honors 2007 theme song with Questlove and are even having him play drums on one of our up and coming releases.

Your Innerpartysystem – Not Getting Any Better (Rockstep Mix) is coming out Aug 29th in UK – Sept. 5 in US on Red Bull Records. Can you tell us a bit about this experience? – We have been long time fans of Innerpartysystem epecially cause they are local to us. We recently formed our new electronic rock band and felt this was the perfect opportunity to showcase our new “Rockstep” sound. “It was inspiring to work and add extra vocals” said Leonardo Rizzo “this was my first remix I was on so it was really exciting to work with SAT and RA” – “I feel Patrick is one of the best lyricist in the Electronic Rock scene to date and would love to work with him again”

You’ve said, “We love destroying genres in our remixes.” Where do the remixes end up and what typically qualifies them as a Maniac remix? – We try and blurr the lines of what to expect from genres. We love video games so everytime we get some experience points in music and level up with something different in a remix, we give it the “Maniac” title.

Our productions have been placed on FIXT Records, Red Bull Records, EMI UK, Vh1, Concord records, and more.

Here is a good tip for the indaba community:  One way to build a networking opportunity, have more content for sale, form a brand alliance, and earn a credit with an established artist is by doing a remix of them on your own and then contacting their management, or preferably the artist directly, asking them about possibly releasing it. If they decline then ask if you can license their vocals and release it on your own label. Many of them let us license their vocals for a fee and then consider us for future production work. Just make sure your track is mixed, mastered, and sounds like a finished product before doing this. This is how the song “Subterfuge” with world jam band Telepath came about on our up and coming EP. If anyone wants to remix us for Official Release check our Indaba session here.

What are you working on now!? – We are currently collaborating with some artists that we’ve found here on Indaba, remixing, and wrapping up our debut EP called “Though Fire and Flood.” The first single is called “A Beautiful Struggle” which is very appropriate since the recording process of our EP was delayed due to a fire, flood, hurricane, and earthquake. However, I think we may have accidently caused the earthquake by bass testing our Hollywood Undead “Le Deux” Remix, so we wanted to publically appologize to the east coast for that.

Another exciting fact is we are incorporating Leonardo’s tuning forks into our music. The energy they emit is used in sound therpy and meant to cleanse and activate your chakra points, even activating a 13th at times. As far I know we are the first band to incorporate the organic, synthetic, and mystical all together at once.

Finally, We are giving out production tools on our facebook page and the new section on our website called “The Vault”. You can find dubstep Massive presets, royalty free samples, unused studio acapellas, and more. We are going to try and add something fresh every week and we’re taking suggestions.

Shout outs: Katfyr, Scorned Society, Andrew Maze, Klaypex, Bubbaloney, Kron, Melissa, Christine, Telsa Science Foundation, Dave, Sven, our parents, and Jenn Caroll of for comng through in the clutch with new pictures

Thanks for the Interview Indaba, and for providing musicians with awesome opportunities.

Stay Tuned for our EP “Through Fire and Flood”


S.A.T., RA, & Leonardo

The Maniac Agenda


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5 Responses to The Maniac Agenda Talk About Questlove and Major Label Releases

  1. Melissa Pabon says:

    I love you guys so much!! Congrats and keep up wiff the aaaamazing tunes! <3 <3 <3

  2. KRON says:

    Good work peeps! Glad to see you’re comin’ along! Thanks for the shout out, bigggg ups!

  3. Eric says:

    You guys are awesome and def doing it right! I’m a MANIAC!!!!!

  4. dominic says:

    Nice one guys! Props to Questlove for reminding you of the beauty of mistakes.

  5. The Maniac Agenda’s music is so epic, their first album was first sent to three people to give a test listen to determine if mortal ears could survive its dirtiness: Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love, and Nikki Sixx. All three of them overdosed by the 7th track. They have since been tweaking the sound to avoid lawsuits.

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