Live Video: Ambassadors

Ambassadors stopped by Braund Sound to shoot our latest series of videos for Suite268. Watch them perform “Unconsolable” off their debut LP, Litlost.

Click “more” to hear them cover Maxwell’s “Lifetime” and give Indaba Music an exclusive interview about their songwriting process, new album, and love for covering 90s R&B below!

Want to see more videos? Check out our brand new youtube channel Suite268 featuring original music and covers from some of our favorite artists.

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One Response to Live Video: Ambassadors

  1. Wayne Masters says:

    Building my color organ here. It drives LEDS. The LEDs are moving. Its exciting.
    So is the Tascam 144 speed up.
    The music. Hmm. As a slave in recording studio for years, try harder. Build all your own equipment and you would use it differently. The color organ circuit from the internet that i used had three mistakes on it.

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