Making Waves on Indaba Music

At the Indaba Media Headquarters, we listen to a ton of music. Our community (that means you!) are unstoppable creators making serious waves in a wide variety of genres and music scenes around the world.

The 4 artists below are Indaba Members and we’re proudly begging to hear more.

Town Hall is an earnest and adventurous indie folk band from New York City. The band explores unexpected rhythms, warm textures, and candid lyrics, which create a raw, spellbinding sound.

Andrew Foshee is a very gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist with a sense for tasteful songwriting. His music sounds pure and honest. Based in Lake Lotawana, Missouri, Foshee has been featured on NBC and Indaba’s Breakthrough Artist Playlist’ at Grooveshark.

Bruno Merz, a New Zealand born singer-songwriter, understands what taste is about. His beautifully composed music, paired with sensitive lyrics and a recognizable voice, will enchant everybody who listens to it. Bruno’s songs are deeply personal and honest. Right now he is working on a new album, which will be released this year. We can’t wait to listen to it.

Diggs Duke is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who currently resides in Maine, US. His ability to combine R&B with Soul and Jazz is impressive and creates a funky sound that stays in your head. Diggs is a very sophisticated artist who knows exactly what he wants.

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One Response to Making Waves on Indaba Music

  1. janet says:

    when are my own songs, going to shine.

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