Embed Your Music On Twitter With Indaba’s New Twitter Integration

Sharing on Indaba Music has reached the next level thanks to our awesome new integration with our friends at Twitter.  Now, tweeting a link to a piece of music on IndabaMusic.com will include a widget within the tweet, enabling people to listen to music from Indaba Music without ever leaving Twitter!

Twitter is one of the 10 most visited sites on the internet, reaching over 500 Million people each month, and we are proud to be one of their first partners in their new initiative to include rich-media content inside of tweets. Beyond Indaba, only a handful of media companies, such as YouTube, the NY Times and Instagram, were invited to participate.

You asked us for more ways to share your music and to get exposure, and we’ve delivered again! Over the past few months we have integrated with Facebook to enable distribution of your music to the Facebook platform, introduced all new widgets to make sharing easier and more elegant, and now we have linked up with Twitter to provide you with even more exposure.  And, we’re just getting started!


Nate Lew
VP, Product

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3 Responses to Embed Your Music On Twitter With Indaba’s New Twitter Integration

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  3. George says:

    Publicity is good especially when you have good product. I like this idea. It helps entertainers to let the public know that they exist.

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