“The Chromatics” Catch The Ears Of Slightly Stoopid Fans

Back in October, psychedelic rock band, Slightly Stoopid, hosted a remix contest with Indaba Music.  It featured their hit, “Top of the World”, which reached No. 13 on the Billboard 200. Not too shabby! Indaba group, The Chromatics, ended up winning the contest with their outstanding track, but it wasn’t the cash prize that made this experience so valuable, it was the unexpected exposure.





Recently, Slightly Stoopid posted the winning remix onto their Soundcloud Profile lending the track an impressive tally of 20,667 plays, 652 likes, 86 reposts, and 45 comments… so far. In fact, it has garnered more attention than any other individual Slightly Stoopid track on Souncloud – can you believe it?!

As a band that shares Slightly Stoopid’s reggae influences, The Chromatics now have direct exposure to fans of the genre, which is truly invaluable in growing their own base of followers. Check out their winning remix here:

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6 Responses to “The Chromatics” Catch The Ears Of Slightly Stoopid Fans

  1. Hi Richard from The Chromatics here! Wondering if you mind that we put a link from our website to this article? as well as use this in future press packs?

  2. I think we shoudl see if The Chromatics still one up Slighly Stoopid when they go on tour this fall!!! Slightly Stoopid tour

  3. Gary Johnson says:

    The Chromatics have a fall tour coming up? Awesome!

  4. Slightly Stoopid & The Chromatics Tour!!! Now that’s what’s up!

  5. Cheers mate, I am a rap producer your article was impressive, it really heleped me. I hope my soundcloud mix will be better after reading this.Cheers!!

  6. I just found this blog and I wanted to ask you to visit my soundcloud profile god bless you PS I really enjoyed your page I will comeback

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