Samantha Kirshtein + YouNow

From big benefit concerts like Live 8 to individual songs like John Lennon’s “Imagine”, music is often used for a greater purpose; Connection. If people of all walks of life, shapes and colors can connect through a favorite melody maybe everyone can join forces to support the same cause, inspire a real change. It’s that powerful notion of connection that has led Indaba member, Samantha Kirshtein, to write her most important song.


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Alice Boman - Suite 268

Alice Boman, an incredibly talented singer-songwriter from Sweden, came by the Indaba Music Loft in July and performed a live version of her original song “Over.” This song can be found on her latest project “EP II” and is available on iTunes.

A Silent Film - Suite 268

A Silent Film stopped by our office to perform two songs off of their album, Sand & Snow, which was released in June 2012. In 2010, while on a transformative American tour, the band decided to relocate from Oxford to Phoenix, Arizona. The Indie/Alt/Rock band is currently working on a new album, and their most recent album, “Sand & Snow” is available on iTunes. We’re so happy that the guys took a day to come visit us in NYC to perform “Danny, Dakota and the Wishing Well” and “Harbour Lights.”

Tauk - Suite 268


Meet Tauk, a band that delivers a unique blend of funk, jazz, pop and rock with a fresh, experimental spirit. Since forming earlier this decade, the NYC-based group has built an impressive DIY buzz scoring opening gigs for O.A.R, MOE., Robert Randolph & the Family Band and many more. Tauk has a wonderful musical vision that pushes the envelope for many fans and we’re so excited to bring you this vision through their Beatles cover of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).”

The Royal Concept - Suite 268

The Royal Concept performed live at the Indaba Music Loft on the Bowery in NYC in July 2012. This insanely catchy indie-pop band from Stockholm played us through their EP including hit tracks like “Gimme Twice” and “Goldrushed.” In addition to their electronic hits, they performed their cover of The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down” and gave us an exclusive interview about becoming a band and creating their debut album. The Royal Concept EP is available now and you can catch the rest of our session on our Suite268 YouTube channel. Get your dancing shoes on and D-D-Dance!

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Converse + Indaba Music = A Dynamite Partnership

Converse Rubber Tracks selected Indaba Music as their exclusive partner to give musicians the opportunity to create and build awareness for their music, both in and outside of the recording studio.

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The Dirty Heads - Suite 268

Dirty Heads stopped by the Indaba Music Loft in the Bowery, NYC this week to perform an acoustic version of their original song, “Sound of Change.” The “reggae/rock/rap hybrid” band’s new release “Sound of Change” is now available on downloaded on iTunes.

New Feature! Video Upload Tutorial

Indaba just added a whole new feature on the site – uploading videos! To kick off this new feature, we teamed up with We Are The Hits to bring you a contest asking you to create your own cover videos. This tutorial will use the We Are The Hits Opportunity to show you exactly how to submit your videos. Off we go!

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Sophie Morgan + Counting Crows

The bucket list–the idea of completing all of life’s goals before you “kick the bucket”, or, er, die. After curing cancer, inventing a car that won’t get hot in the sun and being able to eat 6 saltines in under a minute, I’d say having your favorite band literally “sing” your praises during a concert would near the top of the list. Our very own Sophie Morgan is now able to check that one off the list. The band one, not the saltines one… that’s just impossible.

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