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Future Fluxus Event at the Donaufestival

Check out this modern and unconventional Indaba collaboration that combines audio and music with art from an interactive digital world.

An image from "Pins" that features the Indaba Waveform.

Two of our users, Misprint and Ulf have collaborated on a project that is part of the Future Fluxus event in Austria’s Donaufestival. Their piece, “Pins”, is an audio-visual work that features interactive digital art and will be featured at Future Fluxus as a virtual performance. Artists such as Sonic Youth, Aphex Twin, Rufus Wainwright, Peaches, James Blake have performed at the Donaufestival in the past.

You can learn more about Future Fluxus here: http://www.futurefluxus.org/node/8

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Manufacturing & Selling Physical CDs on Indaba!

Watch a video about selling music through Indaba or read below to get the details about how to manufacture and sell physical CDs on-demand.

Our newest feature allows you to sell fully customized physical CDs directly to fans, on-demand. Instead of printing thousands of CDs and paying huge up-front production costs,  you can sell CDs on-demand, one-at-time to your fans. For each release, you will be able to set your own price and will all your hard earned revenue from each sale, minus the cost to make the CDs.

If you’re bursting at the seams, ready to start selling physical copies, here’s what you do:

After creating a release, you’ll be able to set up physical distribution. Head to your sales page, and click on the button marked “Start Selling” underneath “My Store Sales Physical”.

Then, you’ll be prompted to set a price for your album. The production cost per album is $5.50, and you keep every cent over that amount.

Agree to the terms of service, click submit for sale, and you’ll be ready to distribute physical copies of your album directly to your fans. Bring CDs to your shows, get local retailers to put displays in their shops, and, in a world where digital is everywhere, give something special to your fans.

Premium membership benefits on Indaba Music include:

  • Sell your music on iTunes
  • Sell digital and physical releases from any website through your personalized, embeddable store
  • Manufacture physical CDs on-demand right when your fans make a purchase so that you avoid excess CD inventory
  • $25 discount at Sweetwater
  • Online storage up to 50 GB
  • Up to 30% discount on over 100,000 titles of sheet music, video lessons and tabs
  • Free copies of Electronic Musician Magazine and a 50% subscription discount
  • Access the full recording and mixing functionality of Mantis
  • More discounts from our industry-leading partners
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