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Battle of the Best Soundtracks

On Monday, we asked our Facebook fans to pick their favorite soundtrack of all time. Some of the responses were popular, such as Requiem for a Dream and Dazed and Confused, but many of them were a little less obvious, like Broken Flowers and Top Gun.

Above is a famous scene from Jim and Alex‘s favorite, Pretty in Pink.

Now, let’s see how these answers compare to the rest of the Indaba Music staff!  Continue reading

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Film Music: An Interview with Joseph VanBuren

Last Friday, we asked our Facebook users what they thought the creepiest horror film music is and we received a lot of great responses! The most popular answer was Halloween, so we decided to interview Joseph VanBuren (one of the many to pick Halloween) and talk about his thoughts on music in movies.

Read more to find out his favorite music placements in film.

Continue reading

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NEW: How to Promote Your Opportunity Submission

We’ve updated our tip sheet and included new ways to help you promote your Opportunity submissions. Follow these guidelines to get your music in the hands of people who care most – all your fans + all the people who just haven’t heard you yet!

Download: How To Promote Your Submission

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