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Feature Interview: Colin “Bonny Blue Hare” Edwards

The tunes on Swing the Circle are clever.  The collection contains works written, performed, and produced entirely by Indaba Music members.  Headed up by Colin “Bonny Blue Hare” Edwards from Aberdeen, Scotland, Swing the Circle centers around jazz songs, oscillating between smooth soul and big band swing.

The 19 collaborators hail from all over the globe. But, based on the cohesion of the record, you’d think they were all in the same room. It’s a showcase of obvious talent. Colin’s complex compositions challenge his audience intellectually, while maintaining an effortless feel and enjoyable listening experience. Greg Pappas (who also moonlights as a speed painter) writes and sings tracks that swing hard.  He pipes out witty lyrics in a husky croon with note-worthy confidence. Ira Jackson’s soulful contributions are smooth, smart, and tastefully done.  It’s great to hear skilled musicians and Indaba stand-bys like Cliff – SaxUtopia, Lulu M, David Minnick and many others strut their stuff in this more traditional setting.  We sat down with Colin Edwards to talk about the project.

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Feature Interview: Vuk Lazar

Vuk Lazar (a.k.a. VukMaster) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who joined Indaba Music back in the Summer of ’09. Not even 2 years into the world of online collaboration, Vuk has made his presence known to the Indaba community through his great music and positive engagement. With thoughtful lyrics, a dynamic voice, and production experience under his belt, Vuk has had great success by simply being an active member of Indaba Music.

Though he had little knowledge of remixing prior to joining the site, Vuk found friends and guidance through our Online Sessions and Opportunities, eventually earning several Indaba badges and general accolades. We’re very excited to share the 2nd of our Featured Interviews with you!

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Feature Interview: Peace Partners Founder, Patrick Lajeunesse

Here at Indaba Music, we try to bring you the best Opportunities we can. And verily, from songwriting to remixing, there are tons of opportunities to explore. But in the grand scheme of human life, we also need to remember what’s truly important, providing the needy with an opportunity to change their situation. That is, helping our fellow man.

Back in 2009, Indaba member Patrick Lajeunesse founded the Peace Partners group on Indaba Music which slowly grew into a legitimate non-profit organization. As a result of his collaborations with like minded members, they’ve created 3 albums that are now available on iTunes. All the proceeds from these efforts are given away to charity.

We love to brag about our community, and when our members work toward a greater good, we feel the need to celebrate and share! Check out the interview Mantis had with Patrick:

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